Weekend musings and inspirations from the pair of us -  happy Friday!


If I had an iPhone 10 I would definitely be downloading these amazing, slightly hipster/foodie emojis via Food 52 - avocado emoji anyone?! 

Shock news this week as the Bake Off moves from the BBC to Channel 4. I've mixed feelings about this as I do think the Bake Off was due a change. However no Mel & Sue and the fact that viewing will now be interrupted by adverts means the future looks bleak. If the opening credits are updated (that goddamn raspberry cake irritates me every time, to the point where C now requests I close my eyes when it comes on - its in the WRONG PLACE) then I'll consider giving it a chance.

I adore everything about this video:


Wow. I've never even noticed the cake in the Bake Off credits...!

Meanwhile I've been enjoying another BBC offering - I say enjoying, when I really mean trying-not-to-shout-out-in-public. Even if you're not a Radio 4 listeners, you'll know that major stuff has been going down on The Archers - even if you've never tuned in before, it's so worth listening back to the Rob/Helen court drama in the last couple of weeks...

I've also started following the well-worded tweets of Twitter poet Brian Bilston, after reading this article about his rise to online fame.

Finally... if you're a Leicestershire local, be quick! You only have one weekend left to visit Wistow Maize Maze - which this year is in the shape of the BFG! I went there for the first time over the Bank Holiday weekend and it was such a great afternoon out.

Have a wonderful weekend, whatever you get up to!