We're nearly there! To ease you into the weekend, here's a few recommendations for your perusal and inspiration...

I've been absolutely gripped by Radio 4's 15 minute drama, Life Lines, which follows the calls of ambulance call handler, Carrie. Written by Al Smith, it's  been fascinating and often emotional to hear the 999 calls - even when I know they aren't real!

Sarah's thoughts on blogging for fun are really interesting. It's something we're often asked as bloggers - "Why do you do it?" - and while there's definitely more than one reason, ultimately it's because we just enjoy doing it (even if we too aren't immune to the occasional moments of doubt).

This week work has brought me to Oxford, where I've been enjoying the mash of traditional and modern architecture  - including the glass building (The Blavatnik School of Government) in the photo at the top of this post, which has just been nominated for a RIBA design award.

We've already blogged about the beautiful styled shoot by the Wedding Collective - which included cakes made by Elle. Now talented florist Louise, from Number 27 Floral Designs,  has posted her reflections on the day.

I 'm currently trying to simultaneously de-clutter and add character to my house. I admire anyone who can make their collecting habits look stylish, rather than messy - e.g. Kaylah's vintage globe collection

What have you discovered this week? Share your suggestions - whatever shape they may take - in the comment box below.