Welcome to The Weekend Collective!

We hope you'll join us on a journey to explore what weekends mean to us all.  Whether you're spending your time alone or with friends, we'll aim to offer inspirational ideas to celebrate the down time - to relax, to be yourself and to enjoy life.

At the core of the project is us, your hosts Elle and Becca - formerly of Make Do and Spend, yet no longer incognito (that's us, laughing our heads off in the photo above!).

But the word collective is just as important as weekend - we really want to build a community of wonderfully eclectic contributors and followers, who share our passion for creativity, travel and food (to mention just a few of our favourite things!)

Like our previous blog we hope to evolve and grow organically, but we do have a few key aims:

  • To make new friends and meet interesting, like-minded individuals
  • To spark bright ideas and refresh imaginations
  • To celebrate our favourite people, experiences and places
  • To feature modern craft, hobbies and passions
  • To focus on the small but important things - like where you take your Saturday coffee, and how you like your Sunday eggs
  • To reflect a calmer pace of life, rest and relaxation
  • To enjoy good films, music and books
  • And, of course - SO MUCH FOOD!

And we can't stress enough how much we want to hear from you - of course we do, it's your weekend too!  If there's something you specifically want us to feature or a recipe request,  or you have an amazing story to contribute  -  get in touch.

Now, pour yourself a coffee, sit back, put on a record and let us inspire you with travel stories, recipes and musings on rainy day films...