The weekend is what you make of it - there's endless opportunities whether you're at work or play - and we love hearing how you spend yours. So here's the first in our Weekend Review, from our good friend Matt Horan...

What do you do for work? 

Photographer (mainly weddings)

What do you love most about your work?

I love the creative side of my work and trying out new ideas. I really enjoy the relationship I develop with my couples when I'm photographing them. I also love being my own boss and getting to meet new people all the time.

When is your weekend?

As I mainly shoot weddings on a Saturday, I try to have the day before and the day after a wedding off. But as I am often only booked for one wedding per week my time can be really flexible. Aside from the day I am booked, I can decide when I choose to work and when not too.

How did you spend the last weekend?

Saturday morning was spent shopping for a new desk and a new duvet in John Lewis - and of course a coffee with my wife, Rach at 200 Degrees in Nottingham. As it was a rare Saturday off I spent most of the day relaxing then went out with some of my oldest friends for a drink.
Sunday was a particularly hazy start (thanks to the 1.30am bedtime). The only way to start the day with a hangover in my opinion is with a McDonalds breakfast. This was followed by catching some rays in my garden - thank goodness spring has finally arrived! I'm a big believer in the power of vitamin D, so find winter a bit of a struggle.
Rach and I then went for a trip to Southwell to check out Reg Taylor's garden centre and bought some herbs for the garden (namely mint and parsley). I swear ever since I hit 30 my gardening interest has soared!
The rest of the day included a quick dog walk around the park with our miniature sausage dog, grilled chicken flatbreads in the garden, and watching some football on the TV.
Have I mentioned I was a bit hazy? I can't really remember much else...

How typical was it for you?

Sunday was fairly typical, Saturday not so much as I am normally watching someone get married.

What was the highlight of last week?

As it was my mother-in-laws 60th (shhhh, don't tell her I told you) we spent the evening celebrating at Perkin's restaurant - delicious food.

Your perfect Saturday evening?

Anything involving good food, good people and nice red wine.

Your idea Sunday menu...

Breakfast: Cheesy scrambled eggs, with tomato and mushroom on toast cooked by Rach. A massive full English or pancakes bacon and maple syrup. Or if I'm feeling healthy, granola, yoghurt and berry compote.
Lunch: Pork Sunday dinner with plenty of crackling.
Dinner: Have you seen how much I have already eaten? I wouldn't bother after all of that!
Ideal guests would probably include Derren Brown, James Rhodes (pianist) and a few photography inspirations - Joey L, Sean Flannigan, Jonas Peterson.

What's in your fridge?

Lard (don't be so nosey!), spinach, milk, tomatoes, cheddar, parmesan, butter, mushrooms, pak choi, baby sweetcorn, peppers, various sweet and savoury condiments, various herbs. No meat - my wife's a veggie so I tend not to buy it often.

What are you currently reading?

'A Kestrel For a Knave' by Barry Hines. My mum has been nagging me for year to read it. And since the author died a few days ago I thought I should probably get around to it.

How can people see more of your work and get in contact?

You can find me on my website -

How did you spend your last weekend? Let us know in the box below...