Happy New Year!

Today was the last day of Carlton and I's holidays together. We decided to go for a walk around Aylestone meadows. Carlton has never had much patience for photography, you can read more about this here, (Although written three years ago this still holds resonance today!) I do understand his argument too. Sometimes taking photos can interfere with living in the moment and engaging with those around you. However, of late i've spent a huge amount of time focusing on product photography, specifically cakes. I've been 'too busy'. I no longer stop to photograph the simple everyday moments that please me and maybe i've lost sight of what inspires my love of photography. So in a bid to recapture some creativity I have promised myself to focus on new creative outlets this year. Today seemed like a good day to start. Work is still in progress, it's a little rough round the edges!

In other news, in the last few weeks i've become obsessed with twin peaks, I believe it was Laura who first told me of it's true brilliance. I'm just two episodes away from finding out who killed Laura Palmer....

I'm also doing dry January, so no invitations to the pub please!