Before football success sparked the interest of the world's media, Leicester was put on the map by the discovery of Richard III in a car park. Since being thrown (or should that be 'throne' - bad pun) into the spotlight, @richard_third has impressively adapted to 21st century living - picking up thousands of Twitter followers. And now he's our Weekend Reviewer... 

Where do you call home?

Plot 1A (just to the left of the prayer book shelves)
Chapel of Christ the King
Leicester Cathedral
Peacock Lane

What do you do for work?

I was the King of England until someone rudely stole my horse. I've recently changed careers to work in tourism. It's proving successful, though my employers are reluctant to share their new found financial gains with me...

What's been your proudest Twitter moment so far?

My work can be found in the New York Times, The Melbourne Age, the BBC News website, The Sunday Times, and I'm followed by Colette Mann, star of well know Australian television soap, Neighbours.

And your biggest achievement outside of work?

It was me and me alone who kick-started the decision to move to Leicester. I set the trend. And now everyone will follow me!

When is your weekend?

Ah, I never really get a weekend off, living in a cathedral means God's house is always open. And sleep on a Saturday night can be a problem due to party-goers and my city centre location. Sunday mornings are quite nice though, I get to hear evensong every Sunday evening.

How did you spend the last weekend?

Well, being buried in a 21st century designed tomb means I'm unable to leave to see much these days. BUT, it was designed with all mod cons, and this I have fibre optic broadband... so I can watch LCFC from the comfort of my bed. And I get a lot of emails from young history undergraduates, trying to get me to write their essays for them.

How typical was it for you?

Sadly the days are a little predictable when entombed. Now I'm formally buried I'm applying for training at Spook School, in the hope of surprisingly a few people...

Your ideal Sunday menu...

Breakfast: I don't need to eat so much these days. But I can smell Maryland Chicken from where I lie. I won't lie to you, it smells fantastic.
Lunch: See previous answer.
Dinner: See previous but one answer.

QUICK FIRE: name your absolute favourite...

Book: Professor Pollard's 'Richard III and the Princes in the Tower' appears to detail my innocence in the entire affairs. And so it's my current favourite.
Film: Richard III of course - any version!
Album: It's a single rather than an album, but Richard III by Supergrass.
Sport: Football! Leicester City til I die of course. Oh... erm... anyhow... I inspire them it seems. I take full credit for the league success.
Museum: My own of course! The fabulous newly opened Richard III Visitor Centre in Leicester. See me as an inspiration for a storm trooper, and visit my previous home under space D19 of a car park!
Member of the royal family: They are not the royal family, they are imposters. I was kicked off my own throne you know. So ME (well, I am the king).

What would you swap your kingdom for these days?

Hmm, good question...

How can people follow what you do and get in contact?

I'm available for visits during Leicester Catheral opening hours, and I'm on Twitter! Messages of love and offers of marriage can be sent to me at @richard_third